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Apple iPhone Repair

Apple iPhone RepairFast, Affordable, Apple iPhone Repair - Same Day Service!!!
Free iPhone Cleaning Kit 
With any iPhone Screen Replacement.
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iPhone Repair in Tucson made fast, affordable, and dependable. . .

Have your iPhone repaired in 1 hour or less

Find out what makes us one of the highest rated local computer and iPhone repair shops in Tucson. We only use the highest quality iPhone components and we stand by our work. When we say that customer satisfaction is our number #1 priority, we really mean it!

Why ship you broken iPhone out of state, or wait days to get your iPhone repaired, when you can get it repaired right here in Tucson? Please call us today at 520-991-9584.

Choose Your Apple Device:

iPhone 3G/S
iPhone 4/4S
iPhone 5/5C/5S
iPhone 6/6 Plus
iPad 2/3/4/Mini/Air
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Apple iPhone 5
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The Advantages of Reparing Your iDevice:

Save $$$ and Fast Service

  • Affordable : Get your iPhone repaired for a fraction of the cost of a replacement
  • Fast: In the vast majority of cases we can get your iPhone back to you repaired in 1 hour or less!
  • We carry the most common Apple iPhone parts in stock = no unnecessary delays
  • CompTIA Certified experienced technicians
  • A-rated BBB Accredited Business
  • And more . . .


Additional Services:

  • iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad glass / digitizer replacements
  • iPhone dock connector repairs
  • Battery replacements
  • Loudspeaker repairs
  • Camera replacements
  • Back glass panels and custom panels
  • And more . . .



iPod Repair TucsonI Soaked My Precious iPhone! Now what? 

What to do, and what not to do, when your IPhone, IPod, or IPad gets wet

Did you run your new iphone through the washing machine, go swimming with it, or drop it in the bathrub? It's no secret that liquid and electronic devices don't go well together. Water is a very good conductor and is likely to short out various circuit board components. But there are a couple simple rules you can follow to minimize the possibility of permanent damage to your Apple device in the event that it comes in contact with liquid.

1. Do not power your iPhone on, or if it is already turned on, immediately power it off!

This is by far the most important preventative measure to take. It's not the liquid per se that will do damage to your phone but the electricity conducting through the liquid that will fry your iPhone by short-circuiting it. So if your iPhone is not already turned on, do not turn it on. If it is already turned on, immediately turn it off. This is true for laptop computers as it is with most any electronic device that comes into contact with water.

2. Once powered off, the iPhone or iPod needs to dry. Take it to a professional iPhone technician ASAP.

  The common method is to insert the iPhone into a bag of rice and let it sit there for a long time to dry out. The problem with this method is that the stagnant liquid inside the iPhone will quickly start to corrode the delicate connectors. Even inside a bag of rice or silica a wet iPhone can take days to dry. What it really needs is to be disassembled and flash-dried with a hot-air gun, then cleaned with purified alcohol--and as soon as possible. This will minimize the damage and corrosion that takes place inside the phone. Ideally this should be done by a professional iPhone technician, as disassembling an iPhone requires special tools and applying the right and safe amount of hot air to the inside of the iPhone requires some experience in the matter.